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GHOSTBEDFollowing the line of Saatva, Nature sleep have also branched off a sister company with the name Ghost bed. Nature sleep like Saatva are veterans in the mattress making industry, and like we did for Saatva, our expectations are set up high for their sister company.

The Ghost Bed features innovation and design techniques that Nature sleep claim is an accumulation of over 15years of experience in making beds. The bed features a combination of latex and memory foam similar to the structure found in the purple mattress we reviewed earlier albeit being more firm.

Is the Ghost bed a mattress worthy of note or just another cheap marketing spin-off, read on to find out.

What We Liked
  • Made from quality materials
  • Great cooling capabilities
  • Highly Competitive pricing structure
  • Premium comfort at a discounted price
  • Warranty coverage of 20 years
  • Durability is a strong point
  • Minimal Off-gassing
What We DisLiked
  • Might be too firm for some sleepers
  • One model; one firmness level

Construction and Layer


  • The first layer of the Ghost bed is a polyester and viscose cover similar to that found in most mattresses in its price category. The cover is soft to touch and features a zip that makes it easy to take off for washing and cleaning, a feature that most bed in a box companies tend to overlook. On the edges attached to the cover are side panels made of a blend of polyester and polypropylene. This protects the mattress from damage in the case where you have to move or change its position.
  • The next layer is an aerated latex foam that measures 1.5 inches. And because it is made from latex it delivers a relatively high level of bounce and dissipates excess heat that may be accumulated as you sleep. Aside from bounce this layer is also highly responsive, and would instantaneously pop back up once pressure applied is relieved.
  • The Mid Layer spots a 2-inch gel memory foam. Ghost bed is confident that the gel infusion into its memory foam will aid in heat dissipation and afford users a cool sleeping experience. The memory foam in this layer is designed to contour to your body and provide pressure relief. Consequently it less responsive than the latex layer but still does a good job of providing an overall bounce to the mattress.
  • The last layer is the Support Layer, and consequently, it features a 7.5-inch foam with relatively higher density. This layer functions as the foundation of the mattress and In comparison with other mattress brands, it is thicker, thus improving the overall form factor and durability of the mattress.

All these layers culminate into an 11-inch foam which on the impression looks sturdy enough to handle every possible weight class. If you are still particular about support Ghost bed offers an all wooden foundation that you can purchase along with the bed.


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Firmness Analysis and Hands on experience

On a scale of 1-10 where one is butter soft, and ten is rock solid, the Ghost bed sits comfortably at 7 providing the needed support to handle most weight categories. The technical team at Ghost bed claim that this mattress is suited for every weight class, a feat we have found out be almost impossible to achieve. And true to our premonitions, the Ghost bed does feel a little bit too firm on the first impression. That said, after a while, the mattress seems to soften up with repeated sleeping regimens, it was almost as if it was adapting to my weight profile. We didn’t experience any different.

Because of the first latex layer, this mattress has an excellent level of bounce incorporated into it. This is great as it eliminates any chance of the user feeling stuck in the bed, which is a common predicament with memory foam users. The memory foam also does an excellent job of contouring around your body while relieving pressure points and because it leaves the job of responsiveness and bounce to the latex foam on top of it, the memory foam has not seen any modifications that would have affected its ability to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience.

Like most other mattress brand in the same price category, the Ghost bed handles motions transfer fairly well, effectively neutralising all movements and vibrations before they spread to other regions of the bed. Like we noted in our previous reviews, this is an especially important feature if you are looking to share the bed with a partner as you would want their late night escapades to wake you up.

If you have used other memory foams before you are probably accustomed to their habit of retaining heat and sleeping hot. The Ghost bed, however, handles heat dissipation quite well thanks to its ingenious cover design and gel infusion technology.

Although this mattress is Certi-pur certified, with the Ghost bed team noting that it is made from Eco-friendly materials we did notice a little bit of off-gassing when we opened the packaging for the first time, however, this was quick to dissipate. If you are sensitive or prone to have allergy reactions we advise that you ask someone else to help you unpack the Ghost mattress if you eventually buy it


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Pricing of Ghost Bed Mattress 

The Ghost bed comes in different sizes and configurations, and as a result, there are several price categories. Starting at $495 for its cheapest mattress (twin) it offers a competitive pricing structure that is sure to put competitors off. Ghost Bed also have a 12-month payment plan to cater for users who are low on resources but promptly need a bed, for us a mattress-guides this is a pretty smart move that is sure to serve as an incentive for more buyers to purchase the product.

SizeRegular price
California King$925
Twin XL$600


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Purchase and delivery

Like most bed in a box companies Ghost bed operates an exclusive online retail store, the reason for this move is most likely financial. Once you purchase the mattress it ships from their store in 24 hours and depending on your location in the US, it could take anything between 1-7 days for it to be delivered. Consequent of the exclusively online store which doesn’t afford users a chance to try out the mattress before purchase Ghost bed has a 101-night risk-free sleep trial.

Starting from the day of delivery, this plan provides you with the opportunity to try the Ghost bed for 101 days. If you an unsatisfied with the mattress during this period you can return it for a full refund that is bereft of both shipping and restocking fees. However, as I noted in the earlier part of the review, it took some time for the Ghost bed to adjust to my weight class. It seems the guys at Ghost bed are aware of this fact and will only accept the return after 30 days when they are sure the bed has fully acclimatised to your physique.

GHOSTBEDFree Shipping and free trial sleep

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Warranty Service

Stepping up the standard, Ghost bed offers a 20-year warranty program. For the first ten years, Ghost bed will either replace or repair depending on the situation, any defective unit entirely devoid of additional costs except the shipping fee. For the next decade, however, the warranty is prorated, and individuals will have pay 5% of the original price for every year the mattress was used.

Ghost bed, however, notes that the warranty claim is only valid if it is filled by the person who made the original purchase.


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Worthy Notes

Company reputation; being an industry leader for the last 15 years, Nature sleep the parent company of Ghost bed scores a solid A in our reputation charts. Although the Ghost Bed isn’t very spectacular, it provides optimum comfort for its price level.

Care; caring for the ghost bed mattress is very easy since it has an easily detachable cover. To remove dust and debris, you can use a standard vacuum cleaner. To wash out stains from the cover be sure to avoid using harsh* detergents and solvents, instead use a mild soap and a soft sponge to spot clean, after which you can dry by using a blow dryer or deliquescent compound like baking soda.

Durability; from the warranty period offered by Ghost bed it is easy to assume that the mattress is highly durable. If you did, you are right. The base and support layer does an excellent job of adding the necessary strength and form to mattress. As a result, this bed is resistant to wear and tear and is sure to stand the test time.


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Why You Should Buy This Mattress

Looking for a cheap mattress that sleeps cool; the practical latex on gel memory foam design used in this mattress though simple does justice to sleeping cool. For the cost, it’s quite a steal as competitor brands which start at a much higher price may even end up sleeping hotter.

You are a turn often sleeper; from our experience, the Ghost bed handles all sleeping positions quite well. So if you are a sleeper that turns often, it is a healthy choice.

You need a great mattress for sex. Because this mattress incorporates a latex layer into its design, its bounce levels and responsiveness are off the charts. If you are looking for a mattress that affords you the versatility to engage in all types and manner of sex the Ghost bed is a perfect fit.


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The Ghost bed does justice to the phrase ‘value for money’. Starting at $495 it is a quality buy for consumers that have a slim budget but want a bed that delivers just the right amount of cool and comfort. The gel infused memory foam surpassed our expectations in our hands-on test.

Its ability to provide a comfortable sleeping experience was just shy of the more exotically priced memory foam. In a nutshell, if you were looking to get a mattress that balances cost with quality, we highly recommend you purchase the Ghost bed.


9.1 Total Score
The Ghost Bed offers top-notch quality at pocket friendly price

The Ghost bed features uncompromised quality that delivers optimum comfort and durability at a fraction of the cost the industry is used to.

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