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casperCasper is considered by many to be one of the forerunners of the bed in a box business model launching in 2014 they have come a long way and even though a lot of competitors try ever so hard to Usurp them from their market domination the company has continued to wax stronger.

Like Leesa mattress, the brand is very popular and an internet darling. Over the years they’ve accrued a lot of positive reviews, and there’s a reason for that; for the three years they have existed Casper unlike its competitors have stuck to their flagship mattress. They argue that focusing on one product instead of adopting the proverbial jack of all trades stance has enabled them to take giant strides on their path to mattress perfection continually. Has this approach aided Casper in producing the ultimate mattress read on to find out.

What We Liked
  • Relatively cheap
  • Responsive mattress
  • Durability is a strong point
  • Finely tuned for the average sleeper
  • 100 night risk free return policy
  • Promises a cool sleeping experience
What We DisLiked
  • Low-quality cover
  • Sub par comfortability
  • Narrow recommended weight range
  • Off-gassing is still an issue

Construction and Design

The Casper mattress is a hybrid mattress that features a latex over memory foam configuration.  It is comprised of four unique foam layers that coalesce to form what the marketing team at Casper calls ‘the perfect mattress’.

The first thing we noticed on the mattress was its cover. It features a minimalist design and although Casper might say this is to increase aeration we think it is more of a move to cut cost than providing comfort. Notwithstanding the cover performs the function it was designed to accomplish, it is fabricated from a mixture of polyester and polypropylene and has the characteristic of being thin and quite stretchy.


  • The first layer of the mattress is 1.5 inches thick synthetic Dunlop latex foam, like the latex foam found in the Ghost bed this also increases the mattress’s bounce and responsiveness. In addition, the configuration ensures that the user is insulated from and actively dissipates any heat build-up in the memory foam that lies just underneath it
  • The next layer is the memory foam, it measures 1.5 inches and has a relative density of 4lbs/ft. As is expected with memory foams, it functions to provide pressure relief and comfort by wrapping around the user’s body profile.
  • The third Transition layer also measures 1.5 inches. It is an adaptive transitional poly foam with a relative density of 4 lb/ft crafted to efficiently redistribute weight and pressure from the memory foam into the base/support layer. In so doing it increases the stability of the mattress and prevents excessive sinkage when an impact is registered
  • The final layer is the base layer. Composed of a 5 inch poly foam this segment undertakes the job of providing support and overall structural integrity to the mattress. It bears the weight of both the sleeper and other layers which is why it is thicker and denser than the other layers.


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Firmness Analysis and Hands on Experience

The marketing team at Casper sing songs about universality of their mattress and the results of our firmness testing seem to back up this claim. On our scale of one to ten where one connotes being soft as tomato and ten is as hard as a potato, the Casper mattress measures six. What this means is that the design team hit the nail on the head as their targeted market is the average sleeper who is neither overweight nor underweight. Casper has even gone the length of specifying the recommended weight for their bed, according to them anyone above 250 lb. is sure to experience difficulties when using this mattress.

The memory foam spotted in the Casper mattress does a good job of effectively contouring around the body of a sleeper as is standard in this category of mattress. However, it is pertinent to note that some users complained of excessive sinkage and hug when they used this mattress. Because of the latex based first layer, bounce and responsiveness was superb and just like the Ghost bed, the mattress fits the profile of a sex bed.

Although motion transfer was somewhat minimal, we did notice that certain form of movements like rolling over was transmitted along the length and breadth of the mattress. The implication of this is that if you are a turn often sleeper, and you have a partner, he/she is going to be affected by your sleeping habit.

Latex foams have an increased propensity to dissipate heat accumulated by the memory foam, and as such, it wasn’t surprising to us that this mattress slept pretty cool. Although not anything spectacular, the cooling tendency of the latex foam is satisfactory and we are sure you wouldn’t lose sleep because of heat if you choose this mattress

Perhaps the only truly negative thing about this mattress is its off-gassing. On arrival, we noticed a pungent and sustained smell that didn’t go away for up to a week. This was a big problem for us, and if you have allergy problems, it could be worse for you. One way to minimize this off gassing is to let the mattress air in an open environment for up to 24hrs before using it.


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Size and Price

Depending on the size the Casper mattress could cost you anything between $550 and $1150. This pricing structure is not the best in the industry (as the Ghost bed starts at $495 for its lowest iteration) but offers a real bargain for the quality.

Size Regular price
California King $1150
King $1150
Queen $950
Full $800
Twin XL $600
Twin $550
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Purchase and Delivery

Casper as a brand was one of the first companies to adopt the online sales channel model that most brands are now using to cut out the middlemen who are known to increase retail prices. Once you purchase the bed, it is shipped via Ups completely free and usually takes just a day to be delivered if you are resident in New York or up to seven days if you are located in other states in the US.

casper Free Shipping and Delivery

As an exclusively online business group, Casper also offers a 100 night return policy to enable users to test the product. During this period, if the customer is by any means unsatisfied with the quality of the mattress he/she is allowed to return it and claim a full refund that excludes delivery charges and restocking fees. Rejected mattress are often donated to charity organizations or recycled depending on the circumstance at that point.


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Warranty service

Casper offers a ten-year warranty coverage, while this does not match that provided by Loom and Leaf or even Ghost bed for that matter, it is still acceptable as the industry’s standard. During this period Casper will replace a damaged or defective unit that provided that the user did not violate any of its usage policy.


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Worthy Notes

Despite a possessing a firm third layer that is intended to preserve the form factor of the mattress, strength seems to be a concern in this mattress build. There have been unconfirmed reports by consumers of depreciation of support structure over time, sagging, with the bed developing burned in impressions of the individual’s contour. Since we have only gotten this review piece for a short time, we are unable to verify these claims authoritatively.

Company reputation; Casper as a brand scores a solid B in our business reputation ranking as they were the pioneers of the mattress in a box business model that has flourished over the years, that said the current Casper mattress doesn’t necessarily showcase that it comes from an industry leader. Although a good mattress there are practically no talking points about its features.

Care. To wash any stains that get etched on the mattress you can use a soft cloth dampened in water containing mild detergent. Although the mattress cover is easily removable, it is not advisable to machine wash, as this voids your warranty. If you eventually buy this mattress, you may want to purchase a waterproof bedding alongside to offer protection to the latex component of the bed which is quite sensitive to liquids.


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Why You should Consider Buying this Mattress

You are looking for the average sleeper Mattress; for us here at mattress guides, this mattress is perfectly engineered to cater for individuals who desire a not too soft not too hard mattress. The Casper mattress successfully finds the sweet spot between squishily soft and crunchingly hard.

You are looking for a mattress that has a genuinely responsive feel. Because of the latex overlay on the memory foam, this mattress has a significantly high level of bounce and responsiveness. Unlike other mattresses that take a bit of time to push back on an applied pressure, the Casper mattress does this almost instantaneously.


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Considering the years of experience and company reputation of Casper, we expected quite a lot more than we saw in the Casper mattress. The mattress doesn’t possess/display any striking feature or specification. What we have here is an average mattress that does everything ‘averagely’, and frankly, that doesn’t cut it with us. That said, if you are an average sleeper and don’t mind that several other mattresses are available at a much lower price (Ghost bed starts at $495) with better features then, by all means, the Casper mattress is a good choice.

From what we observed it looks as if the company is playing it safe with innovation and seem to think that delivering the good ol’ mattress that assures you a good night rest inclusive of a few aches here and there, does justice to consumer needs. This conservative approach may have worked in the past but considering that almost all brands are stepping up their game, it doesn’t impress us here at mattress-guides.

8.3 Total Score
The Casper mattress sheds off quality to water down price

Designed for the Average Sleeper, Casper mattress makes sure that the sleeping experience is average

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