5 Best Mattress for Back Pain

Mattress for Back PainFor individuals with back pain, the soothing and pleasant experience that is commonplace to a majority of sleepers is a fabled story. It is estimated that over 80% of all adults will experience one form of lower back pain during their life. Back pain classified into types; acute which starts off suddenly or chronic which builds up steadily over a particular period is closely related to the health of your spine and its associated muscles.

If by any means the structural integrity of either your spine or associated muscles is compromised, almost always the first resultant clinical symptom is back pain. And for some individuals, this could be traumatizing especially during sleep.

But there is good news, combined with efficient clinical management the use of a bed optimized to prevent and diminish the incidence of back pain significantly helps in permanently alleviating the malaise that is back pain. It is against this backdrop that we have gone round to summate a list of the best mattresses geared to help sufferers of this predicament (whether chronic or acute) ease the suffering as they embark on the road to recovery.


What Causes Back Pain

The reason for a prevailing back pain varies from individual to individual. However, the list below itemizes the most probable cause of back pain in the 21st-century population.

Misalignment of the Spine

The spine or vertebral column is made up three sections, curved up in a characteristic S-shape. Any change in orientation of this preconceived configuration ultimately culminates in back pain. The most prominent factors predisposing an individual to misalignment or in general issues with the spine are age and fitness. As you grow older, your body becomes progressively incapable of withstanding the stress and strain that is borne by the spine. A bad posture may also predispose an individual to vertebral issues that may result in back pain.

Muscle Strain

Too much stress resultant of either bad posture, physical exertion, on the muscles associated with the spine (especially those located near the lower back) can strain them leading to back pain.


Perhaps the most common and generic cause of back pain and body pain, in general, is stress. Apart from directly inducing physiological processes that translate to back pain, stress is known to cause restlessness that leads to sleep deprivation. Because such individuals find it harder to sleep, they usually turn and toss on the bed all through the night predisposing them to either falling asleep in the wrong sleeping position or inducing muscle tear.

Features of a mattress suitable for Back pain

An ideal firmness level

Although the general notion that the firmer the mattress, the better it is for back pain is quite popular, recent research has shown that this is not necessarily true. A 2013 study conducted in Spain revealed that the ideal mattress for back pain is a medium firm mattress. What this means is that individuals seeking pressure relief should be aiming to get a mattress with a firmness rating of at least 6.5. Mattresses with this sort of firmness rating do a job of providing a floating like sleeping experience in contrast to the immersive sleeping experience characteristic of softer mattresses.

That said it is important to note that some individuals might find better relief from a softer mattress as an exception to this general rule. This underscores the importance of consulting a healthcare professional before making any decision to get a mattress for your back pain needs.

Effective Contouring Ability

The ability of a mattress to effectively contour around the body of a sleeper predates its efficiency at relieving pressure points. Condensing pressure points is of particular importance because the higher the number and intensity of pressure points the greater the tendency to misalign the spine during sleep. The mattress class with the most propensity to achieve effective contouring are memory foams. Although specially crafted innerspring mattresses exist that possess this ability, they are generally way more expensive than their memory foam counterparts. Tailgating memory foams with regards to contouring ability are latex foams.


Superb Cooling capabilities

One of the defining features standard amongst mattresses that sleep cool is their breathability. Being highly breathable means that these mattresses have a high level of airflow, which in turn means that as a sleeper on such a mattress you are bombarded with a constant supply of air that translates to adequate aeration/oxygenation. This higher ambient oxygen content potentiates improved blood flow which promotes muscle healing and repair at the cell level. What this means is that Muscle tissue that has undergone significant amounts of stress are fixed naturally to prevent the occurrence of strain which predates aches and pain.

Based on the requirements above we have sifted out the best mattresses sure to assist in the relief of back pains and aches


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The 5 Best Mattress for Back Pain

Construction Price
Amerisleep’s Revere Eco friendly mmemory foam with Celliant based cover $1299
Saatva Mattress Coil on coil Innerspring matrress $999
Bear Mattress Gel infused Memory foam also with a Celliant based cover $800
Helix Mattress Natural latex with Micocoils reinforecment $850
Purple Mattress Memory foam layer with additional hyperelastic polymer layer $999


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Amerisleep’s Revere Mattress

In our Amerisleep lineup review, we made mention that the Revere was considered to be one of the best mattresses for back pains by industry professionals. In this review, it is not one of the best. It is the best.

Featuring a high-density foam that does a more than excellent job of contouring around the sleeper, this mattress provides excellent relief of pressure points, allowing for a perfect alignment of your spine as you sleep.

Adding to its already impressive resume, this mattress packs Amerisleeps proprietary Celliant based cover to further potentiate a pleasantly cool sleeping experience. The cover transforms body heat to infrared rays which is then reflected back to the body. It has been proven scientifically that infrared radiation improves blood flow and general circulation and using the mechanism I outlined above prevent back pain. The mattress ranks seven on our firmness scale indicating that it is indeed the perfect fit with regards to firmness.

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Saatva Mattress

A simple google search on users’ reviews with respect to the mattress that helped the most in back pain relief will most likely than not point to the way of Saatva. It not hard to see why. Earlier in the review, I talked about specialized innerspring mattresses which actively competes with memory foams, Saatva is a classic example of such mattress.

Their ingenious coil on coil system ensures that the mattress provides pressure relief at a level reminiscent of memory foams. This line of mattress endorsed by Healthbridge sleep (a prominent sleep clinic) comes in three differ firmness variants; the firm, the luxury firm and the plush soft. Ideally, the mattress option most suitable for back pain management is the luxury firm variant which corresponds to a medium firmness level.

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The Bear Mattress

This mattress was designed specifically to cater to the needs of professional athletes who are hell-bent on remaining 100% fit. Featuring a one-inch layer of gel infused memory foam, this mattress handles contouring and pressure relief very well.

Like the Amerisleep Revere, this mattress also integrates a Celliant based cover whose mechanism of action I’ve already taken the time to explain above; it is the go to mattress choice for individuals with back pain that has a muscular undertone.

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Helix Mattress

The helix mattress is perhaps Americas only fully customizable mattress. At an affordable pricing structure, you can choose the exact firmness level you desire for your mattress to match your specific needs. This has absolved the general populace of the predisposition to buy the more common one for all mattress which most times do not meet the requirements of the consumer.

Consequent of being a latex foam, the Helix mattress incorporates a very high level of bounce and responsiveness. The mattress also uses micro coils to promote effective contouring that facilitates pressure relief.

What’s more, Helix affords consumers the opportunity to incorporate two differ design specifications in one single mattress, that is just ingenious!

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Purple Mattress

The purple mattress features simplistic innovation that has garnered critical acclaim in the last few years. With its proprietary hyperelastic polymer, the purple mattress like we pointed out in the purple review scores seven on our firmness scale. What this means is that the mattress corresponds to the target of a mid-firm mattress.

The aeration and breathability of the purple mattress are unmatched despite featuring a non-cotton based cover. As a result, the mattress sleeps overwhelmingly cool. The mattress is ideal for almost all categories of sleepers with the exception being extremely lightweight individuals.



Amongst the five mattresses the Amerisleep stands tall and proud with respect to delivering a more soothing sleeping experience to sufferers of back pain. The Celliant based cover, a more than extensive range of differ firmness levels coupled with the top notch contouring capabilities makes this mattress the perfect choice for individuals with back pain.

The Helix mattress save for its more inferior design constituents posits a functional bargain. The ability to specify things like the actual firmness level adds is a relatively new approach to mattress making and is one that seems very practical.

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